The Law of the Lid

The Law of the Lid

“The potential of any organization is limited by the ability of its leader.”  You are the lid for anyone you are leading. Their development can't go beyond yours.

The only way to raise the abilities of your team is to raise your own.  That's why raising your own level of leadership is always your #1 priority as a leader. ENROLL NOW

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If you want to grow as a leader you have to invest in your own growth.

MediaLight's Certificate Level Media Missionary training is worth the effort and investment. Here's why.

  • It's Effective

    Using video as our primary teaching tool means that you can learn without reading books, taking exams and doing research papers. You’ll be surprised how much you retain with little effort.

  • Convenient

    MediaLight was designed to be experienced on a mobile device so you can take your learning with you wherever you go. Most videos are less than 7 minutes long, perfect for when you are commuting or just waiting between appointments.

  • Excellent

    Our courses are taught by working professionals with a track record of excellence and years of experience. These are lessons from the school of life brought to you expertly by recognized leaders who know what they are talking about.

  • Fresh

    This generation speaks media. MediaLight understands that and has designed this program to give you the creative skills you need to communicate powerfully in this modern age.

  • Friendly

    You never know who you'll meet at MediaLight and how that meeting might change your life. We've got members from 30 nations so we probably speak your language already.

How will this course help you? ml-online-voice_natural1_768x460finalLet’s take one course alone, How to Develop Your Own Voice.

Our course on mastering your voice's ability to communicate emotion is one of the strongest we’ve ever seen anywhere, taught by career television news presenters and voice actors, Ron and Joyce Titular. When you think about it, the central task of the Christian witness is to communicate. The number one tool we have for this is our own voice.  40% of the meaning in interpersonal communication is conveyed simply through the tone of our voices (*Professor Albert Mehrabian, UCLA).  We need to learn to use our vocal ability skillfully, then--and properly. Straining your voice is damaging to your vocal chords which can develop nodules from the abuse. If your calling involves teaching, preaching or speaking in public, this course could save your voice from the abuse it would suffer through hundreds of hours of forcing volume improperly. Your confidence as a speaker will improve and others will get to hear your real voice, the firm foundation-tone that lies at the core of your vocal ability. So whether speaking, singing or acting, this course alone is worth the cost of the program.

01 mobile-video_producing-video-for-mobile_Main-title_768x460Then consider another course, Creating Video on Mobile Devices.

Two videos using the exact template taught in this course have already raised over $30,000 to rescue an orphanage from failing.  Mobile video is powerful and with a smart phone you have all the equipment you need if you know the fundamentals of photography and video creation.  Follow the teachings of this course and you’ll command the attention of your followers and be able to drive them to action where it matters most. You really don’t need a video crew and thousands of dollars of equipment to gather a tribe and move them forward together.  Mobile devices capture the action in the moment when things are most exciting—in the gritty streets and behind the scenes. Mastering the mobile device as a communication tool is essential training for any leader.  These are just two examples of the kind of content you'll find in our Media Missionaries Certification Program, Level One.

IMG_1782If you are serious about developing yourself as a disciple, a leader and an agent for change, then we're serious about helping you get there.  

MediaLight Online has podcasts, articles and free courses to boost you along in your journey.

In addition, we offer advanced training like our Certification program which is a premium course that includes:

  1. Introduction to Media Missions

  2. Why we need to Re-Jesus the Church

  3. Essentials of Photography

  4. How to Develop Your Own Voice

  5. The Core Teachings of Jesus

  6. Leadership for Mission

  7. Creating Video on and for Mobile Devices

  8. The Four Pillars in Christ's Teaching

  9. Voice Acting

Invest in yourself

Train me!

This lid lifting course is designed to develop you personally.  As you progress through the lessons you will...

  • Deepen your understanding of the teachings and mission of Jesus

  • Understand His call on your life and that of his Church

  • Recognize media as the new front line for evangelism and mission

  • Learn the fundamentals of leading others

  • Master the use of your mobile device (its an amazing tool that’s always in your hands)

  • Improve your own dramatic delivery as a communicator.  

IMG_4318How Much Does it Cost?

The whole program of 80 videos is currently only $79.  That's $1 per class.  Invest in yourself. $79 is a very modest amount for media training. We're doing our best to put media missions training within the reach of everyone. **

This price is good during our beta launch phase.  For this limited time, we are giving everyone an 80% discount on the list price of $379.  So, basically you’ll get the entire program for the price of one module. 

The price will never be this low again, so enroll now!

It is no accident that you are here on this page, right now. 
This is a moment when missions and media collide — are you in?

Your growth begins by pressing the button below. Lift your lid.

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**Developing Countries Notice:  If you are from a developing nation email us at and request a scholarship discount code.  In your email, tell us what country you are from. Thanks!