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Finding your place in God's work  shouldn't have to be a confusing and frustrating experience.

  • Are you serious about your walk with Christ?

  • Do you feel a burden to serve in some way but have no clear path to take you there?

  • Do you want to serve God, but can't find anything in normal church life that seems to fit you?

  • Do you have a heart for ministry but lack the training you need to get you to a place of confidence as a communicator and a leader?

  • Would you like to know more about the life and teachings of Jesus?

  • Do you want to take up the powerful tools of modern media and use them to speak for Jesus to your generation?

  • Wouldn't it be great to find a community to encourage and support your development as a follower of Jesus and his agent of change?

Welcome to MediaLight!

MediaLight is a recognized leader in innovative missions training.  We're dedicated to raising up a generation of media missionaries across the world.  Already, we've trained leaders from 30 nations at our base in Northern Thailand.   Here's what it feels like to attend a MediaLight training program in person.


God is raising up a new kind of leader who is connected to culture enough to be effective and who knows how to make use of modern media tools to communicate the gospel with power.

MediaLight will train you to be

  • Clear about your calling and direction in life

  • Confident in your, skills, gifts and the foundation of who you are in Christ

  • Competent to lead a powerful, creative team of your own

  • Skilled in using modern media tools you can share the gospel with your people and disciple new believers to full maturity.

Now, for the first time, MediaLight Training is Available Online!!!!

  • Charith Daniel (Sri Lanka)
    MediaLight changed my life! It gave me the confidence to take risks. It brought me closer to God and gave me new skills and opportunities, not to mention the hands-on training.
    Charith Daniel (Sri Lanka)
  • Alduane Mano (Philippines)
    MediaLight has taught me more than technicalities in media. I was equipped to use media as a tool to creatively and effectively speak truth and hope to this visual generation.
    Alduane Mano (Philippines)
  • Nubawi (Myanmar)
    MediaLight helped me to progress spiritually. I learned how strong and powerful God’s love is. Through that love my ever-afraid mindset has changed and I gained self-confidence.
    Nubawi (Myanmar)
  • Giovanni Zappala (Italy)
    Before MediaLight I had seeds. After, I saw the tree grow. I got the training to develop my character and the tools to develop my ideas. I began to take seriously my life, my job and my ministry. Today, I have a book deal with a publisher built on my strong YouTube following. I have a powerful platform to witness to my nation and I provide employment for 16 others.
    Giovanni Zappala (Italy)

Here's what we're bringing your way...

  • A Multinational Team

    Our team is drawn from across the globe--America to Asia to Africa, so we understand your world in a way few others could.

  • A Community

    Join the MediaLight community and you'll become part of a global network that already represents over 30 nations. People just like you who want to bring Jesus to their people.

  • Confidence

    Our leadership courses will help you gain the poise and confidence you'll need to build a powerful ministry team.

  • Media Skills

    Modern media allows you access to millions with the click of a button. We'll help you get your message out there!

  • Innovative Training

    Video courses in Bible, spirituality, leadership and media production. This is just the beginning.

  • A Pocket School

    We've designed MediaLight Online courses to be viewed on your mobile device so you can take it with you wherever you go.

With MediaLight Online training you'll be able to...

*Develop a radio-quality speaking voice

*Shoot powerful video with inexpensive equipment.

*Unlock the amazing abilities of a DSLR camera with expert hands

*Produce smart phone videos that gather your tribe and move them to action

*Use social media effectively to gain a following

MediaLight online will give you tools you need to increase your impact on others.

Shine the Light and scatter the darkness!

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