• MediaLight helped me see the door into media as my ministry. I started a radio program. When God opened the door I could step through it because I knew how to do it properly.
    Lek (Thailand)


  • Your Campus is Everywhere.

    It’s a perfect solution for a person on the move. Got five minutes while you eat lunch? That’s enough to complete most lessons.

  • We're made for mobile

    Videos were created especially for viewing on a mobile device. No squinting at small print. Our videos load fast. Our server reads the speed of your connection and delivers the best file for your device.

  • We're humans

    We’re real humans, not robots. Your online mentor welcomes contact with you and will work to connect you to others taking the same courses so you can work together and build a coalition of media missionaries to support each other’s efforts.

  • We make things simple

    These videos break down complicated concepts into simple bite-sized lessons you can easily grasp.

  • All content is practical

    No fluff or fillers. Everything we teach is something you can put to use right away.

Learn at your own pace on your own schedule.


MediaLight's level one certification program for media missionaries is built on five modules,
each containing 5-10 videos, each around 5 minutes long.

  • The Media Missionary Course

    Media is a great weapon against God's name, but it can become our tool if we learn to unlock its power.

  • Essentials of Photography

    Visual story is the most impactful form of media. Master the essentials of photography and unlock visual language.

  • How to Develop Your Own Voice

    We'll help you find your voice--literally. Be confident as an ambassador for Christ live and on camera.

  • Creating Video on and for Mobile Devices

    Learn how to videos that move people to action using only your smart phone.

  • Leadership Skills for Mission

    You'll never accomplish anything big without the help of others. Improve your leadership skills and gather an awesome team.

  • My time with the program helped me to have the confidence to start something new. I now see how powerful media is and how important it is for this generation to reach people with gospel media.  I'm sharing all I learned with my friends and church mates.
    Mayo Kimho (Nagaland, India)

Your Investment

You are your #1 asset. MediaLight Online is an affordable way to continue your development as a leader and a communicator for God, a media missionary.  The cost of the program's 55 video lessons plus BONUS 6 video "Finding Your Calling" course is only $279.  

If you are from a developing country please contact us for a discount on your tuition at info@medialightonline.com.   Some nations have been selected for a 100% discount due to financial hardship. We are keeping the price as low as we can for everyone.  

It's tremendous value for the money. 61 total videos covering five key subjects plus membership to our global community of young media missionaries.  

If you are called to speak for God to your nation we're called to train you.  

Enroll today!

Don’t waste years trying to figure out what to do with your life.  Why wait for “some day” to begin equipping yourself to be useful in the harvest?  Think of the loss of potential if you live unaware of your hidden gifts and talents. Begin now to focus on developing yourself, clarifying your calling and equipping yourself with important skills that will make you a first class communicator. This training is important regardless of your place of service in the future.  

Join MediaLight’s online media missionary certification program and let God shape you for the role you were born to fulfill!

Bonus: Sign up now and get a bonus course for free. 

Find Your Calling will help you to identify the will of God and use it to guide you in directing your time and energies into line with it. Your’s today if you sign up now.